I regularly show my work in galeries across The Netherlands. Based on previous expositions I like to show you some impresisons.

Keramiek en fotokunst Buren (Gld)

Ceramics and Photo Art

August 24th until 26th 2018 from 13:00-17:00


Together with Rodi Vroom (ceramics) I will show my photo art during the exposition 'Ceramics and Photo Art' in the old synagoge in Buren (Gld)

The exposition is held from Friday August 24th until Sunday August 26th and is open daily from 13:00 - 17:00. 

Chaos versus Orde

Chaos versus Order

May 18th-21st and 25th-27th 2018


Atelier Anjo de Jong
Achterbonenburg 6
4116 BD Buren (Gld)


Rob de Heer, Evert Obdeijn and Renate Rensen.

Chaos versus Order means being surprised, looking at and examining your surroundings, what do you see?

Why does a child see more than an adult in a hectic everyday life? And why does a child see more detail?
From Chaos to Order means change, means transition from old to new, a city that invents itself over and over, means old buildings getting new functions and adaptation to new technological possibilities.

Buren B!zonder

Buren B!zonder

June 2nd and 3rd 2018


This year, during the annual art fair in Buren (Gld), I will show my black and white photo work for the first time in addition to my previously shown digital collages.

I have collected a large photoarchive covering multiple subjects. The work shown during Buren B!zonder will be a compilation of my own choice. The photos are printed on barite paper and have been framed using a passpartout and museum glass.


For more information (in Dutch) check out the website of Kunstroute Buren

Expositie ChristoArt - Den Haag

Exposition ChristoArt - The Hague

Two of my objects from the series Lacy World and Frozen Flowers are currently on display at ChristoArt in The Hague (Noordeinde 160, 2514 GR, The Hague)