As you have seen, I expose my work across various locations. Here can you see where I have shown my work in the past.



Buren B!zonder

Buren B!zonder

June 2nd and 3rd 2018


This year, during the annual art fair in Buren (Gld), I will show my black and white photo work for the first time in addition to my previously shown digital collages.

I have collected a large photoarchive covering multiple subjects. The work shown during Buren B!zonder will be a compilation of my own choice. The photos are printed on barite paper and have been framed using a passpartout and museum glass.


For more information (in Dutch) check out the website of Kunstroute Buren

Expositie ChristoArt - Den Haag

Exposition ChristoArt - The Hague

Two of my objects from the series Lacy World and Frozen Flowers are currently on display at ChristoArt in The Hague (Noordeinde 160, 2514 GR, The Hague)