Exposition in Hoorn

Exposition in Hoorn

On september 28th en 29th 2019 4 artists show their work in the pop-up galery "De Grote Oost 17" in Hoorn.


Anjo de Jong • ceramics / Dennis A-Tjak • photography
Rob de Heer • photography-art-collages / Rodi Vroom • objects in bronze


Anjo de Jong
For this exposition Anjo was inspired by the chestnut tree and shows the beauty and decay of these trees in collaboration with Rob de Heer.

Dennis A-Tjak
A photographer of flowers and fruit still life displayed in minute detail and beauty.

Rob de Heer
Photo artist Rob de Heer applies digital techniques in creating his artwork.

Rodi Vroom
The objects Rodi Vroom creates are frequently fired in a raku oven.


Pop-up Gallery " De Grote Oost 71"

De Grote oost 71
1621 BS Hoorn (North-Holland)
Telephone: 06-10442494