I regularly show my work in galeries across The Netherlands. Based on current and previous expositions I like to show you some impressions.

Here you can see information about past expositions.


Expositie in Hoorn

Exposition in Hoorn

September 28th and 29th 2019, 12:00-18:00

Anjo de Jong • ceramics / Dennis A-Tjak • photography
Rob de Heer • photography-art-collages / Rodi Vroom • objects in bronze


Anjo de Jong
For this exposition Anjo was inspired by the chestnut tree and shows the beauty and decay of these trees in collaboration with Rob de Heer.

Dennis A-Tjak
A photographer of flowers and fruit still life displayed in minute detail and beauty.

Rob de Heer
Photo artist Rob de Heer applies digital techniques in creating his artwork.

Rodi Vroom
The objects Rodi Vroom creates are frequently fired in a raku oven.


Pop-up Gallery " De Grote Oost 71"
De Grote oost 71
1621 BS Hoorn (North-Holland)
Telephone: 06-10442494

Expositie Kunstvereniging Purmerend en fotokunstenaar Rob de Heer

Expositie Art Society Purmerend and phot artist Rob de Heer

Erica Dooijes, Carla van Dam, Katrin Cassel en Rob de Heer.

sat 10-08-2019 - sun 11-08-2019 from 11:00 - 17:00 uur

Het Weefhuis, Lagedijk 39, 1544 BB Zaandijk

Katrin Cassel is experimenting with all kinds of materials and, techniques, using photography amongst others.


Carla van Dam makes unique ceramic objects, for the most part fired in the raku oven. People and animals are frequent inspirations.


Erica Dooijes has been an artist since 1970 (painting and ceramics) and graphical designer. You can find her work in the public space like a wall decoration for the De Hoornse Vaart swimmingpool in Alkmaar and the logo for the Emma Kinderziekenhuis in Amsterdam.


Rob de Heer. During this exposition I will show my older photo collages and black and white pictures. Apart from that there is new art, a triptych, made in cooperartion with photographer Dennis A Tjak.




More information about De Kunstvereniging on the website

Kastanjes in kunst gegoten

Chestnut trees cast in art

"De bomen van Buren, kastanjes in kunst gegoten" - Anjo de Jong en Rob de Heer

May 18th - June 10th 2019

During the exposition, the introduction of the book "De bomen van Buren, kastanjes in kunst gegoten" takes place.


Galerie Anjo Beelden in Brons
Achterbonenburg 6, 4116 BD Buren (GLD)


+31 (0)6 20 832 615

Keramiek en fotokunst Buren (Gld)

Ceramics and Photo Art

August 24th until 26th 2018 from 13:00-17:00


Together with Rodi Vroom (ceramics) I will show my photo art during the exposition 'Ceramics and Photo Art' in the old synagoge in Buren (Gld)

The exposition is held from Friday August 24th until Sunday August 26th and is open daily from 13:00 - 17:00.